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November 2023

Karate Ireland: “In Conversation and Training With” Series

This November Karate Ireland ran the 3rd event in their “In Conversation and Training With” series. The series was envisaged as part of O.N.A.K.A.I., a National Governing Body for Karate Ireland’s WIS Women in Karate Programme. See review below of the programme!s

Article by Maša Maye

The idea behind the series is to bring top ranked karate athletes to members sessions open to all ability and ages. We wanted to enable girls, teens and mothers to train with amazing athletes and inspire them  through training and by the stories and journeys taken by some of these athletes. Last year we started the series by inviting Olympian Viviana Bottaro who competes in kata (forms), followed with Sara Cardin, a World and European Champion in kumite (fights).

This November we invited Amy Connell, a European medalist from Scotland and Jordan Thomas, a World and European champion from England for a weekend full of fun, games, chats and kumite training. We also introduced some mixed sessions as most in-club training is mixed and we hoped that girls and boys will encourage each other to continue training and enjoying karate.

We asked our guests what they thought on the weekend and this is what they said:

“It was a pleasure being involved in this weekend's empowering event for Women in Sport. The energy and atmosphere over the 2 days from everyone who attended was infectious. Events like these are so important in allowing people to come together to learn, grow and thrive in such a safe positive environment. It was a great success.” Amy Connell.

“An unforgettable 48 hours immersed in the empowering Women in Sport initiative. Not only did we assist these incredible individuals in mastering the art of karate, but we also instilled in them with essential life skills: resilience, discipline, a strong mindset, overall well-being, focus, and belief. The energy in the air was electric, creating an infectious buzz that resonated with everyone involved.” - Jordan Thomas.

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