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March 2023

Irish Wheelchair Association Sport Event

Irish Wheelchair Association Sport hosts first Her Moves event in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The day was packed full of female-focused events and celebrated the wealth of talent focusing on ability amongst the disability community. Females of all ages including members, parents, volunteers, athletes, coaches, and officials. This inclusive event saw females of all abilities come together to learn more about strength and conditioning as well as giving sports like wheelchair basketball and rugby a try.

The Her Moves event leans on Sport Ireland’s recent launch of their national Her Moves campaign which aims to influence teenage girls opening their eyes to more opportunities and encourage girls to embrace sport and physical activity – sharing their experiences with friends.

Guest speakers on the day include Shakira Coonghe, personal trainer and strength coach, Alan Dineen, strength and conditioning coach and Wheelchair Rugby International Athlete. Both speakers will focus in on key areas such as the Menstrual Cycle in Sport and strength and conditioning for females.

In 2022, IWA-Sport launched a three-year Women in Sport Strategy, a first not only for the organisation but also for the disability sport sector. The strategy expresses their commitment to providing more opportunities and raising the profile of women with a physical disability in sport in Ireland.

“We are delighted to celebrate our first women and girls only event today joined our female members, volunteers, parents and coaches. This Her Moves event marks the one year anniversary of the launch of our Women in Sport Strategy and our commitment to delivering on it is as strong as ever. We want to encourage females to find what moves them and enjoy all the positive benefits staying active gives you.”

says Shannon Pollock, Women in Sport Coordinator for IWA-Sport.

IWA-Sport clubs are open for members to people with physical disabilities across Ireland. Volunteers are also welcome, please get in touch @IWA_Sport.

Huge thanks to the Empowering Women in Sports Events and Sport Ireland for their continued support.

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