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April 2024

Empowering Teens: Her Moves Tackles the Challenge of Sports Dropout

In the realm of sports and physical activity, adolescence can be a pivotal time. It's a period when many teenage girls face challenges that can lead them to drop out of sports between the ages of 12 to 16. Understanding these challenges and intervening effectively is crucial to keeping girls active and engaged in sports. Robert Murphy, the Tipperary Sports Partnership Development Officer, sheds light on this pressing issue.

Understanding the Dropout Phase

Robert Murphy emphasises the importance of recognising the critical transition phase that many teenage girls experience.

"Between the ages of 12 to 16, we often see a significant drop in girls' participation in sports”.

He advocates for timely interventions during this period to ensure girls remain active and involved in sports.

Barriers to Participation

Barry Mullane, the Tipperary Sports Partnership Hub Co-Ordinator, further elaborates on the various challenges that teenage girls face, leading them to leave sports during their formative years. These challenges can range from societal pressures and body image issues to lack of access to female-friendly sports programs and facilities.

Students Speak Out: Her Moves Makes a Difference

To gain insights from the very demographic in question, students from Scoil Ailbe Naofa shared their perspectives on how the Her Moves Programme can help them stay active and engaged in sports.

Through a series of engaging activities, including Zumba, Pilates, and football, the students showcased their enthusiasm and enthusiasm in various sports and physical activities. They expressed a desire for more opportunities and support to continue their sports journey.

Listening is Key

The discussions with the students from Scoil Ailbe Naofa underscored a crucial point: the importance of listening to the needs and concerns of teenage girls. By actively listening and understanding their experiences, preferences, and challenges, we can open doors for girls to stay active and participate in sports and activities for longer durations.


The journey to keeping teenage girls active and involved in sports is multifaceted, requiring a collaborative effort from various stakeholders. By understanding the dropout phase, recognizing barriers to participation, and actively listening to the voices of young girls, initiatives like Her Moves can play a pivotal role in empowering teenage girls to stay active, engaged, and enthusiastic about sports and physical activities. Through targeted interventions and continuous support, we can create a brighter and more inclusive future for girls in sports.

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